Chapter 10: Amman

Chapter 10: Amman in Jordan

…why not to write a letter to the King…

…First, however, the Son of Man has to seek peace with his own spirit. Second, the Son of Man shall seek peace within his own thoughts. Then the Son of Man shall seek peace with his own feelings….

Leaving Tiberias, I was close to Jordan border and I really thought about visiting Saudi Arabia. I knew that there is the Saudi Arabian embassy in Amman, where I could ask for the visa. Both ways I considered to visit Jordan, pass the river Jordan, where Jesus was baptised and swim in the Dead Sea.

As I arrived to Amman by bus and taxi, I applied for the visa. I wrote a letter addressed to the King and Muslim Community. The problem is that to visit Mekka I would have to travel through a desert, which might have been difficult to come back to Israel on time. Still I was following an adventure and I really enjoyed the Jordanian culture.

I stayed in a small hostel in the city centre. Everything was really different, traffic in the city and people were so welcome. I even got Jordanian coffee for free as a gift from the shop owner. I was considering to travel to Petra, but I thought it would be better to visit the place with my possible future girlfriend.

I left Amman by taxi, and the driver made me an offer to travel through the Dead Sea, where I was able to swim for thirty minutes and then we traveled to border at the Jordan River. I passed to Israel and moved to Jerusalem for the Yom Kippur feast.