Chapter 3: The Banner

The banner was developed through measuring mind and heart waves and adjusting content to fit the overall picture. Sometimes I call it the King of Peace Banner and sometimes the Love Me Back Banner because it involves a lot of emotions. You can find it clicking the Facebook icon at the top of this page. It requires a Facebook account.

I can divide it into several areas. Counting from the bottom. Banner begins with the Mary Chapel that I built with gratitude for a successful trip to Elbrus in 2003. Later it is followed by pictures of people living our age, some of them are friends, some of them are politicians, some of them are business personalities. I bring a bit of pathetic style with the constructional achievements of our civilization presenting the highest towers with the sound of Islamic Call to Prayer. At the end of the first part, I am focusing on measuring waves, and trying to understand the message given to me.

The second part is devoted to quotes. I bring various statements focusing on poverty, and values driving successful life. Then I slowly start to dig into religions and ancient civilizations. As I learn about Cheops pyramid, solar and lunar eclipses I look into stars. There are interesting events occurring in the space that are worthy to be mentioned. At some point, I introduce the Throne of God representing Asian martial arts, war, and peace.

During my travel to the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Israel, Portugal, Spain, and Japan I receive a lot of inspiration. It makes me paint and brings me closer to Jesus Christ and the Resurrection story. I made a few paintings, one of them I offered to the director Catholic Piarist High School in Krakow, another to the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Krakow. In the end, the banner and mind waves are focusing me on Second Coming of Jesus Christ on Earth, with supporting metrics such as Jewish Tree of Life, Two Eagles parable, connection to the Universe, Cheops Pyramid, Sirius Star, and Aquarius Age.

Last but not least the main figure of the banner is Joanna, the Bride, who I am happy to devote the next chapter.