Chapter 14: Sirius Star*

Chapter 14: Sirius Connection

…two months waiting at Haneda Tokyo airport and what?…

I came to Poland and still heard that vocation to move somewhere. Only I did not know where. I was a bit disappointed that I did not manage to visit Egypt during my trips. Still there were some places I wanted to see in Europe. I have managed to gather some funds and left for another trip at the end of 2018, which took almost three months.

I left for Japan, although I did not know I would end up there. Moving through countries like Germany, Switzerland and Austria, I have decided to take a flight to Tokyo from Vienna Airport. As I arrived to the country, I did not know really what to do, so I decided to wait. People at the terminal were really friendly and there were also guests staying there a few nights.

I enjoyed myself, trained Karate, tried good food and wrote my posts on Facebook. I left the airport only twice. First time for the meeting with the CEMS group at Kyoto University and second I left it to visit famous cemetery and the temple – Gokoku-ji Temple Cemetery Bunkyō-ku – where the founder of Kyokushin Karate – Mas Oyama – was buried.

It happened that I stayed at the airport two months, like waiting for something to happen, but I did not know in advance what I am waiting for.

The last night at the Haneda Airport just before my departure I have seen Sirius beaming. The behaviour of the star was not really flickering, it was giving light and then disappearing like a flash light in equal intervals speaking Morse language. It was really strong message to me that something was influencing the star.

It was night August 31st / September 1st 2018, which was the astronomical first day of Autumn and one could say Autumn Equinox of the Cheops Pyramid. Although I was developing the banner, I did not know what to do with this fact. In 2020 I watched the Ancient Civilisation Season 1, Episode 10 “Interstellar Links to Gobekli Tepe” at

The episode begins with bringing evidence for similar situation for the “Tabby’s Star” in Cygnus constellation from two scientists in 2015. I had received a vision for how it is all connected. More Cygnus indeed played a huge role here.

Giza is indeed an Astronomical Clock!